Item Code: 1484
Machine: Bridge Saw Machine 
Our Part Number: 12SGS14-G320
Diameter: 14"
Segment: 20mm
The Do's and Don'ts
Do visually examine saw blade for cracks or any other damage before mounting.
Do check the shaft of your machine for looseness tha may indicate worn bearing or shaft itself.
Do make sure that saw blade is correctly mounted in the same direction as shaft rotation.
Do always use a properly designed safety guard covering at least on half of the saw blade.
Do always wear proper safety equipment: safety footwear, gloves, snug fitting clothing,safety goggles,hearing and head protection, and proper respiratory equipment.
Do allow saw blade to run at operating speed, whith quard in place.for at least one minute before any cutting operations.
Do inspect saw blade periodically during use for core flatness,fatigue cracks,segment damage,undercutting, and arbor hole damage.
Do use efficient water coolant for wet cutting.
Do maintain a firm grip on sawing machine during cutting operations.
Don't cut dry except with blade specifically designated by the manufacture for dry cutting.
Don't use moounting flanges on which the bearing surface are not clean and flat.
Don't exceed the maximum operating speed extablished for each diameter of saw blades.
Don't operate any saw, wet or dry,without a blade guard
Don't force the blade into the material.Just allow the blade to cut as its own speed. Forcing the blade may cause blade damage.
Don't use the blade to cut material other than that recommended by the manufacturer for the sp
Don't use attempt to cut a curve or a radius.