Established in 2004, MAP DIAMOND TOOLS has been selling high-quality diamond tools for construction and industrial services for 14 years. The members and staff "Dream with Harmony and Creativity". Now, we prepare to "Leap into the 21C with the Best "and enter a new vision. We are putting all our efforts into improving and increasing our customer satisfaction by placing MAP DIAMOND TOOLS among the world's best companies. In order to meet this goal, we have focused on simultaneously developing several different areas of the company. The foremost management goal of MAP DIAMOND TOOLS has always been to create New Way for convenience of our customer like our brand name "MAP". We also believe that securing technical power is the only way to survive in today's fiercely competitive market. We put our best efforts into customer satisfaction through "High Quality", "Lowest Price" and "Fast Service". With the execution of these new management forms, MAP DIAMOND TOOLS is improving its economic value and reaching a competitive level in the world market. Now we are doing our best to establish a management system and culture that suits this new social environment. We will continue to upgrade our management level to form the strong basis that is necessary for MAP DIAMOND TOOLS to become a top world-class company. We will push forward until the common goal has been reached: MAP DIAMOND TOOLS as the world's best company.